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Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
12 August 2007 @ 09:30 pm
Pardon me.
You get no silky words.
No flowery expressions detailing the past few days -

Instead, I give you this:

I. Am. Bored.
...and I'm out of oreo's.
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Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
[For the first time, ever, turns on the little webcam and fiddles with it until the picture is clear, crisp, clean and then adjusts its height and angle. After it's set up, he taps the edge of the laptop with his finger and decides to just open it up for public viewing - and a few personal invites]

lvelvetinel: Okay. I think this is working properly. If not - then oh well.
lvelvetinel: This is going to probably end up really interesting.

[Stands up and heads across the room to fish through his closet, finding a bunny costume that's for his next appointment. Sets the ears aside, along with the tail and drops his robe to pull on the black stockings - occassionally glancing over to see if anyone is poking/viewing the cam.]
Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
05 August 2007 @ 12:43 pm
I think...and this is just an idea...that we should have a massuese perminantly employed here. (Fye, you don't count. XD) But seriously, alot of us (even we who aren't allowed to take part in all carnal pleasures) end up in some compromising positions; obviously varied by each client. Backs get sore. Shoulders ache. Thighs burn. --It would make sense.

I still need to go shopping for the Masquerade. But alas, shopping by one's self usually ends in an unhappy costume. But I'll probably go alone unless Yazoo decides to ask me if I want to go with him.

What else...
OH! Wolfy~ I left your present in your room on your desk. (You should lock your door hun.)
Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
23 July 2007 @ 07:58 pm
I think I left my sheet music in the music room again -- I sincerely hope that no one got anything on it if they used the room. The last time that happened I had to go purchase an entire new set.  Speaking of music; I think tonight I'll go practice some before I go to bed. It's relaxing to do after such a long day. 

Men aren't designed to wear corsets but we do it anyway, like the dirty whores we are.
Ha, I'm not even a hustler and yet they make me wear them.
I suppose thats what we get for being pretty.

Oh, Wolfram. I have a present I forgot to give you the other day.

And Kazuma, how would you like to come make sure I don't drown this time?
Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
20 July 2007 @ 09:33 am
Really, there isn't too much to say at the moment. I need to make a quick run to the store to pick up some things (by the way, if you need something, I can just pick it up while I'm out?) Client's are fine. Nothing too strange - at least not since the foot-in-ass guy. I still shudder at that.

I hope everyone is doing all right. ^_^
After the store, I'll be in the music room if anyone needs me. Then I have an appointment at 2:30pm.

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Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
17 July 2007 @ 12:46 pm
Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
07 July 2007 @ 11:17 pm

Fye, Kazuma said you gave good massages - if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to reserve you for a little while for one. I'll repay you however you want. (And did you still want to go on that picnic?)

And is it me or have the customer's been getting stranger and stranger? Before, it was no big deal if a guy had a foot fetish, but when they start asking you to put your foot in places that feet definately have no business going -- I have a tiny problem with that. 

We need foot condoms now, go figure.

[Private to self | Completely Unhackable]
I wonder how Wolfram is... It's strange but there has been this odd sense of attatchment to him since the other day. It wasn't meant to become so -- personal I guess is the word for it. But then there isn't anything I can do about it. What is done is done. But I can't help and wonder if he's thought of me, since then...

Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
04 July 2007 @ 04:11 pm
Ever want to just sleep but you can't? 
I want to just sleep. I think maybe some hot tea would help but I don't even want to go get it. --I guess this mean's I'm having a bad evening, ha.
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Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
01 July 2007 @ 09:49 pm

Whoever accidently (it had to of been an accident) left these in my room, you can come by and pick them up right now if you want. I'm just going to be reading for a little while. I have a client coming in, in about an hour--

But company till then, would be nice.
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Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
30 June 2007 @ 10:36 pm
I'm finally sitting down in my room after a few hours of…alone time. It's quiet, except for the usual rustling of other 'Employees' down the hall. But I suppose that isn't too much to complain about. At least my grandmother isn't around, and since my parent's never seemed to give a damn – this is almost heaven. And some of the other guys around here are just way too cute to be angry with over idiotic playfullness. Anyhow…


Kalverstraat was busier than usual this afternoon. I didn't have a problem personally per say but that's probably because over half the people I ran into were customers from The Midnight Silk Pavilion. Not necessarily all mine, but just those that I've ran into while working. You know, now that I think about it – I'm somewhat surprised that most of the customers I see in the street don't try to do anything when they see me. Considering I mostly just tease their brains out until time is up. But I suppose they know what could happen, or they simply enjoy the teasing more than actually getting off. Some men just need a little inspiration before they can go home and do their…husbandly or boyfriendly duty. I'm thinking too much about this, I know, but the coffee I had at the café I believe was much too strong. I'll be awake long after curfew. …Lovely. Anyone want some company?


I bought a new music book and a few new scarves. One is white and grey, the softest material you have ever had the pleasure of getting your hands on – probably because this was one I had specially made. But,  I believe a shower might be in order soon, it was dreadfully muggy outside and the walk in it made my hair…gross.

Current Mood: calmcalm