f a c a d e (n.);

1. An artificial or deceptive front.

Azuma Yunoki [Velvetine]
18 June
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Azuma Yunoki

Velvetine + 18 (June 18th) + Male + Bisexual + Seme/Uke + Comedian

Price: 1100 gil/hour, + 785 gil for an hour of role play.

T h e m e s a n d S e t t i n g s:
1.)'Music Instructor' * Yunoki Only
Room: { Here.}
Theme: This will be complete with a pair of black slacks and a charcoal grey v-neck sweater (sleeves pulled up half way). Most music students at one point or another have thought about their music teachers in an inappropriate way, so Yunoki would be more than willing to offer personal lessons that involve 45% actual lesson and 55% of everything the customer wished they could have but couldn't. And/Or he can willingly play the student!

2.) 'Pool Boy' * Yunoki Only
Room: { Here.}
Theme: He takes on the full persona, even though the pool is in fact indoors, wearing nothing but a pair of small white bathing suit shorts and a hair tie to keep his hair out of his face (which fails majority of the time because his hair is so fine). This would be perfect for the voyeur type. The unhappy wife of a rich man isn't the only one who can get off with the pool boy parading around their pool. What about the pool boy who decides to make himself at home, taking a dip of his own after he's finished cleaning and no one else is around?

Specialties\\ He's a smooth talker with an even lighter touch. Everything that comes out of his mouth is meant to tease and every caress guaranteed to drive you up the wall. He can change into whatever kind of person you want with ease, adapting to various different situations. He's a great kisser and can be extremely vocal.

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